Best Bedrooms
Best Bedrooms
; Hey lovely followers! My name is Calista and this is my bedroom blog. You can find my personal blog here. I hope this blog can give you imagination, creation and great ideas for making your bedroom the best. I encourage you to submit pictures of your bedrooms to show them off or even give others ideas! I always post them. If you are looking for a particular themed bedroom, or color, etc. click here to view all of the tags.

Anonymousasked: Hi!! Xx please answer this question! I just moved and my room is very small. Like very small. And I need some ideas I want to paint it too and decorate!! Please help xx

I would love to help you but you gave me very little information so it’s hard to answer this. Many people live in small rooms. I recommend getting a bed that has storage underneath, and also using a twin or full sized bed. Keep decorations to a minimal or at least keep them simple because you don’t want the small space to look cluttered. Hope that helps some!

amilijuewzasked: Hi, my room is small and i dont like the walls. How can i cover my wall without painting it? <3

You could always add photo collages to your walls! You could also try doing wallpaper? Hope that helps!

kirstyvstheworld said: Woohoo :) anything and everything. Tag different styles maybe, then if we wanted to come to your blog for inspiration, we could look up the style we were wanting, like preppy/boho/dorm/vintage/contemporary etc.
This is a great idea! Except I already have this option! If you go to the Search Tab on my blog, you can find all the tags I have! Or go to this link

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I will look into more bedroom styles with the styles you suggested!


Hey guys! I have been inactive for awhile now and for that, I really apologize. I want you guys to respond to this and let me know what kinds of ideas, themes, etc you would like to see posted on this blog. If you have any suggestions, send them my way!

I will be getting this blog back up and running soon. So stay tuned! :)


I love this pattern